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Adoption of Cloud Computing across APAC

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” (from Julius Caesar , William Shakespeare).

The adoption of cloud computing has picked up to a point beyond the hype it has generated in the last 18 months. Ever wonder why cloud computing has been the top agenda for almost all CIO’s recently – here are a few insights:

  • Frost & Sullivan reports that 43% of Australian enterprises are now using cloud computing in some form  while 41% of IT decision makers have indicated that cloud computing will be a top priority for them in the current fiscal year.
  • Frost  & Sullivan reports that countries like South Korea, China and Japan are investing significant amounts of money on cloud infrastructure and may overtake the US in terms of cloud adoption
  • IDC projects are an upsurge in the adoption of cloud services in the Asia Pacific region in 2011. Next layers being delivered via cloud models include business processes, consultation, design and management.
  • Springboard Research estimates the market size of cloud computing services in China to grow 30 percent annually and exceed $2.4 billion in 3 years
  • Springboard Research reports that the APAC IT budget for cloud computing as a key initiative for organization high growth in 2011.

As the landscape of economies and infrastructure in APAC has improved tremendously over the years, cloud computing adoption is growing at an exceptional rate, especially with the proliferation of broadband and high speed internet that have enabled the SMB sectors to use more cloud services.

Almost all the IT decision makers and CIO’s in every organization are looking for a better way of requesting IT budgets based on operational expenditure (OPEX) rather than on capital expenditure (CAPEX). Justification for cloud computing adoption is driven mainly by IT budget savings and increased capabilities afforded by the technology.

Cloud in data protection seems to provide quite a unique value proposition. Disaster recovery plans (DRP) and business continuity plans (BCP) that used to be very expensive subjects, have now become affordable with cloud data protection. Without compromising security, availability and performance, an organization is able to envision and implement their DRP and BCP within their OPEX budget – CIO’s love this approach.

In fact, on a personal note, I have come across different types of people, groups and organizations to whom I’ve preached about Cloud data protection and all of them have acknowledged the benefits instantly. Simple technology deliverables and affordable costs are the right ‘sauce’ for accelerated cloud adoption across APAC.


Rain Fan – Park Joo Bong

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